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360 Degree Responsibility of the Project ManagerPPT
80% Benefits for 20% Cost but 200% RiskPPT
Applications LifecyclePPT
Aspects of a Business Change Programme (Wallaces Wheel)PPT
Bargaining Power - Buyer vs SupplierPPT
Business Change Programme ParticipationPPT
Business Change ProgrammesPPT
Change Control - Jigsaw with the Non-fitting Piece AnimationPPT
Change JourneyPPT
Change Style vs Degree of ChangePPT
Changing one Aspect changes the othersPPT
Collaborative Teams DiagramPPT
Communications Plan SpreadsheetXLS
Complexity Increases ExponentiallyPPT
Contract ChecklistDOC
Cost Of Change Increases The Further You Are Through The ProjectPPT
Definition of Topics Example SpreadsheetXLS
Donkey - Stick And Carrot AnimationPPT
Earned Value DiagramPPT
Example of Version Control Mistake No 1PPT
Example of Version Control Mistake No 2PPT
Fixing the Inefficiencies of a Waterfall Approach - PresentationPPT
Followed Your Plan CartoonPPT
Function or Process Structured TeamPPT
Green Amber Red Reporting ExamplePPT
Issue Log Example SpreadsheetXLS
Issue Management Process DiagramPPT
Iterative Development Approach DiagramPPT
Iterative Prototyping DiagramsPPT
Matrix of Documentation Content DiagramPPT
Migration of Systems Versions - DiagramPPT
Mobilising Resources - Graph ExamplesPPT
Motivation - Fish Eating Fish AnimationPPT
Negative Response To Change DiagramPPT
Organisational Change vs Systems ChangePPT
Organisational DesignPPT
Parallel Workstream SyncpointsPPT
Planning Estimating Resourcing DiagramPPT
Positive Response To Change DiagramPPT
Post-Implementation Review DiagramsPPT
Process Structured Team Example DiagramPPT
Programme Framework DiagramPPT
Project Budget WorksheetXLS
Project Management OverviewPPT
Project Portfolio AppraisalPPT
Project Shapes TemplatePPT
Purchasing ProcessPPT
Putman and Boehm Theories about Effort vs DurationPPT
Quality Management Process DiagramPPT
Regression Testing (brick wall)PPT
Relationship between Programmes and Projects PresentationPPT
Resistance to Change DiagramPPT
Resource Pool Team Example DiagramPPT
Resourcing the Plan Process DiagramPPT
Risk Management Process DiagramPPT
Risk Matrix ExamplePPT
Scope and Change Management Process DiagramPPT
Scope Meeting CartoonPPT
Selection ProcessPPT
Seven Core Aspects of Business ChangePPT
Sharks SwimmingPPT
Sponsorship Cascade DiagramPPT
Standard Contract CartoonPPT
Structuring Resources and Activities DiagramPPT
Team Constitution Changes Over TimePPT
Test Control FormDOC
Test Control FormXLS
Test DataPPT
Test Definition FormDOC
Test Definition FormXLS
Test Incident Control FormDOC
Test Incident Control LogDOC
Test Incident Control LogXLS
Test Objectives FormDOC
Test Objectives FormXLS
Test Signoff FormDOC
Testing - Effort vs ErrorsPPT
Testing - The WallPPT
Testing - Three Main TypesPPT
Testing ToolsPPT
Three Main Types of TestingPPT
Timesheet Example SpreadsheetXLS
Top-Down Estimation DiagramPPT
Trauma Of Change CartoonPPT
Waterfall Approach To Project SequencingPPT
What Happens Next - A B or CPPT
Why Benefits Were Not Achieved GraphPPT
Why Projects Fail GraphPPT





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