The ePMbook is a hypertext ebook about Programme and Project Management. Its aim is to examine issues, needs and approaches in a variety of situations and environments. It should give you the ability to understand what is needed and why, plus how you can best address those needs.

It is not intended to provide a methodology nor to replace the need for methodology. Each organisation or individual manager will need to identify appropriate methodology and tools for their own situation. There is no one approach that works best in all circumstances. Many organisations have their own defined approach to project management. Certain approaches are published by institutions or public sector bodies for use in a large number of organisations. There is no one universal standard - nor should there be, for different projects in different organisations in different environments have different needs.

There are two main types of content in the ePMbook:

What is an ebook?

The ePMbook is intended to be read through the web using a browser. Its organisation and hypertext linking allows the reader to navigate the content in any sequence. You may prefer to look at overviews or drill down into depth. You may take excursions to look at related information; you may prefer to skip entire areas.

Since the ePMbook is published through the web, it can be updated instantly, either to include new ideas and concepts, or to improve the breadth or depth of its coverage. It will be worth re-visiting from time to time. You can find out what has changed on the "what's new in this edition" page.





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